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Labor and Employment Law

The Law Office of Gregory J. Smith specializes in Labor and Employment Law. We are focused upon providing clients with immediate responses to employment questions and aggressive representation in all employment litigation matters. Mr. Smith has exemplary credentials and, more importantly, has a wealth of practical experience advising and representing clients in employment matters. Clients utilizing the services of The Law Office of Gregory J. Smith range in size from sole-proprietors through multi-national corporations.

In providing practical advice to business clients, the goal is to assist clients in the development of up-to-date and legally sufficient employment policies. These policies, taken together with immediately available advice regarding employment questions, greatly assist clients in avoiding costly litigation. If litigation cannot be avoided, The Law Office of Gregory J. Smith will aggressively represent clients through mediation, arbitration and/or trial.

The firm regularly represents clients before the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Agricultural Labor Relations Board, the National Labor Relations Board, the California State Labor Commissioner, the Federal Department of Labor, and in litigation matters filed in State and Federal Courts.

If you would like to discuss an audit of your employment law practices, obtain representation regarding an employment dispute or to obtain further information you may contact, Gregory J. Smith, directly by e-mail at

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Gregory J. Smith is available to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution {ADR} services as a mediator or arbitrator. Mr. Smith is a graduate of the sophisticated six-day "Mediating the Litigated Case" program presented by the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law. Mr. Smith is an experienced litigator who can quickly pinpoint the legal issues that drive litigation and offer a forum for resolution outside the courtroom.

To find out more about retaining Mr. Smith as a mediator or arbitrator, contact or call (559) 221-5100.